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Maintabase is an online software which specializes in maintenance management with a focus on increasing asset production and lifespan.

Access your Maintabase system anywhere, anytime

Maintabase operates "in the cloud", which frees up your business from capital and operational expenses on IT related technology such as security, hardware and dedicated servers.

Assured by industry-standard EV SSL encryption and 99.9%+ uptime across all of our accredited service providers, your data is safely transferred and stored into your Maintabase account which is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Stay ahead of all of your maintenance tasks

Maintabase incorporates a traffic light system to your maintenance items to ensure you are aware of upcoming and overdue tasks.

Review, assign and plan all of your maintenance items with our easy to use scheduler by switching between list view and calendar view depending on your strategy. Schedule Preventative Maintenance by creating instructions and assigning a frequency. E.g 600 Hr, or 3 Monthly.

Never lose critical asset information again

One of the many advantages of Maintabase operating in the cloud is the storage space available. Maintabase allows you to create your "Virtual Profiles" of your physical assets in which you can input as much knowledge, history, spare parts, manuals, images and information as you wish.

Critical information is never lost, even if your most experienced staff member leaves your business.

Export live data with just a few clicks

Pressed for performance reviews or breakdown reports? Run pre-defined reports which combine comparative data with graphs in a simple format to assist with analysing trends.

With just a few clicks you can gather valuable information about your assets and users, which then can be converted to a printable report. Monitor the effectiveness of your maintenance program; the efficiency of your team; review expenses; and forecast budgets.

Manage and create involvement in your team

No matter the size of your business, Maintabase offers unlimited manager and team member account profiles at no cost per user. Permissions allow management account holders to delegate tasks and oversee any information created by team members.

Admin and manager accounts can delegate work to team members, which then in turn record their results and any knowledge gathered. Team member accounts have restricted permissions, which gives managers control by overseeing the information recorded on to asset profiles and ensures that critical information is never deleted.

Benefit from other Maintabase users in your industry

Maintabase allows you to connect with other users and external contacts as guests.

Invite guests to view asset profiles and work like team members, enabling them to submit knowledge and even create Preventative Maintenance instructions, which is then only updated subject to your approval.

Whether you choose to share knowledge with guests from another company, business or contractor, this feature which Maintabase provides allows you to retain knowledge from other users in a controlled way.

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Ideal for businesses or individuals that rely on assets such as machines,
tools and vehicles to perform at their best, day in, day out.

Track all your assets

Create an asset profile and never lose critical information again.

Preventative Maintenance

Easily create maintenance instructions with the step by step PM builder.

Calendar Scheduler

Drag and drop your tasks on the interactive calendar to schedule.

Get the most out of your mechanical assets

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