Welcome to Maintabase, where our vision is to revolutionize how companies effortlessly manage their assets, minimize downtime, and foster a proactive culture of maintenance. Established in 2014, Maintabase is at the forefront of simplifying and streamlining the intricate landscape of asset management through our innovative cloud-based platform. At the core of our mission is a commitment to addressing the challenges faced by industries like manufacturing and machinery maintenance. We integrate the power of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) into our platform. Utilizing a robust database, it organizes asset information, including equipment details and maintenance resources. The benefits of Maintabase and integrated CMMS functionalities are far-reaching. We provide centralized asset visibility, transparency in workflow, task automation, streamlined processes, and efficient field workforce management. Our platform enables preventive maintenance scheduling, ensuring consistent knowledge transfer and compliance management. Moreover, Maintabase embraces the adaptability of CMMS for remote monitoring using IoT devices, contributing significantly to increased reliability, uptime, and long-term cost savings.

Our Mission

To empower industries through innovative and user-friendly maintenance solutions, Maintabase is committed to streamlining asset management, fostering a culture of preventative maintenance, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Our Values

Simplicity and Accessibility,
Knowledge Preservation
Connectivity & Collaboration
Proactive Maintenance Culture
Continuous Innovation
Commitment to customer success

Our Staff

Andrew Miller - Director

As the Director of Maintabase, I bring a wealth of extensive experience and expertise garnered over a dynamic career spanning Machinery, Automation, and Service across diverse industries. My profound knowledge, particularly in manufacturing software geared towards optimizing the production efficiency of CNC equipment, has been a cornerstone of my professional journey.

Having dedicated considerable time to Sales and Management roles, I possess a nuanced understanding of the commitment required to consistently surpass client expectations. My career is distinguished by a relentless commitment to cultivating robust client relationships, pioneering innovative solutions, and propelling business growth.

My approach involves navigating intricate negotiations with finesse and providing tailored recommendations, all fueled by an unwavering determination to deliver results that propel both my team and clients to new heights. Beyond the boardroom, you'll find me passionately cheering for my favorite football team or immersing myself in the excitement of Australian Supercar Championship races.

Pedro Banales - Director

Commencing my career in Engineering, I grasped the significance of preventative maintenance and knowledge documentation. This understanding deepened when faced with the challenge of managing assets at a metal manufacturing company lacking a structured maintenance database. To address this gap, I created an Excel-based solution, a project that swiftly outgrew the spreadsheet's capacities.

Driven by the inadequacies of existing software in the market, I embarked on creating my own solution, launching Maintabase Version 1.0 within a year. While the software had its early challenges, it marked the beginning of a transformative vision.

My dedication to Maintabase stems from the recognition that a robust maintenance database is not just a tool but a necessity for businesses. My experience, from the shop floor to software development, positions me uniquely to understand the needs of industries relying on mechanical assets.

Account Manager

Kylie Eaton

Office Manager

Jenny Orr

Sales & Marketing Manager

Steven Briggs

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